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At this weeks Bluefaced Leicester Council meeting it was decided that due to rising costs Mulebook will be take off line early next year unless Mulebook members and Breed Association members can make a case to keep it.


This discussion group has been set up on Mulebook to gather opinion, if you feel Mulebook is a thing of the past and should be let go please join the discussion. If you feel Mulebook is a good worthwhile serves that would be missed please get on to Mulebook a tell us or it will end early next year.


Please get involved in this discussion what ever your views are.vv

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Social media pages like Facebook or mulebook are the cheapest way of advertising as a breeder or breed association or even auction marts, I'd say it would be cheapest £400 the leciester society would spend as a quarter of a page in the like of farmers weekly or Scottish farmer is the equivalent fee but that's weekly payment, If it's not broken don't fix it! I say.
As a Bluefaced member I don't think cost comes into it can think of other dead wood association could chop before this mulebook is a good advertisement tool for members and others .As a member of the association we get a flockbook and two magazines a year looking ahead and autumn review.When on that subject if they don't get the autumn review out soon it be called spring watch.My vote is to keep this as it's not everyone that wants a Facebook page when you go onto the association Facebook page it's not that up to date anyway
I don't want to see it gone, it has got all everyone's history.
When looking at sale catalogues it's always another reference of being able to see a tup or how it's got with odd comments or pictures of progeny.
What's the verdict then ? Opinion here seems to be it's a keeper !
Thanks to all that have contributed,
There is a little bit in the magazine encouraging more people to put there opinions forward and early next year the association will look at peoples views and make the decision.

As someone who is looking to buy some in lamb Leicesters next month the first place I would look is Mulebook. It's a great market place for vendors to publicise their sheep and offer some background information on the breeding etc.... I think Mulebook has a niche and has created a friendly forum for likeminded farmers to socialise and promote the breeds (both Blue Faced Leicesters and Mules) and it highlights everything that's good about sheep farming!

Additionally, social media is obviously the future and taking Mulebook off line would in my opinion be a step back after pioneering such a user friendly, informative website. I just thought I'd share my views as someone looking in and hope the website can find a way to promote sheep breeders hard work and pride in the future.

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