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Hi, I'm looking for curly fleeces for my small dyeing business.

We can travel, but if it's local (East Midlands/South Yorkshire) it will be great!

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Cool beans, Natasha. It does my heart good to see more folks in the UK using wool again/still. Are you on Ravelry? 

After the last few years of drought here the Texans, in particular, are restocking with Dorpers and other hair sheep. A shame. And not such brilliant business strategy when wool prices are still hovering above $4/lb for main line finewool grades less than 23 microns, and more for the longer-stapled fine wools. I took a few photos of a fleece on a Merino Mule ewe lamb last night with my phone. I'll upload one shortly. I hope these will catch on.

We have a good storm shaping up tonight. Lots of lightning so we may see a few more wildfires, but any rain we get is desperately needed. Here is the current drought monitor-


Hi Jared,

yes, I'm on ravelry I added you to my friends list :-)

merino mules - is a great idea, there are not many of them around here and your bfl fleeces look beautiful. 

Are you coming to Melton for a day out or buy/sell? 

I'll be there this year too in handspun yarn competition :-)


How much will u pay for mule leister and swaldale
I have three bags of wool if you ar still wanting some

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