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Should the ram lambs at Carlisle be split into two rings and if this happens should they be split on type. Some people think that splitting crossing and traditional types encourage a split in the breed but surely these types are already bred separately but both manage to work away. Very few buyer are looking to buy both types and having a ring with only the type they are looking for and a sale half the length is bound to be an advantage.

Should the show be the night before, it is very successful at other sales. I sold at Builth this year, the tents were still busy with people a 11 at night. Members selling their sheep can get a look at what else is about to buy, on the sale day they are more concerned about selling their own stock than they are about looking for a stock tup.

What do you all think?

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They were going to be discussing the future format of the Carlisle sale at the NW regional BFL meeting, does anyone know what proposal they decided to put forward?
It would be shame to have a show at Carlisle on the Thursday night,
When there is already an association show and sale at Penrith
On the Thursday night already.

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