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The Lord family from Hewgill have very kindly donated 2 pellets of semen from their noted tup B41 Hewgill to the Stay Strong Stu trust fund. We are going to sell it on mulebook and Facebook. Please leave your bid in the discussion and the highest bid by 12 noon on the 10th of May 2015 will get the semen. Thank you all for your support.

Kevin Ridley

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£100 a Pellett

£250 a pellet

£275 a pellet
£300.00 a pellet

£325.00 per pellet.

Only 25 hours left to bid on the B41 Hewgill semen people. Winning bid is £325 per pellet so far.
Congratulations to Robin Jackson for his winning bid of £325 per pellet for the B41 Hewgill semen

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